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Lemon Law

The law and legal terms can often be beyond the understanding of the layman. But these are necessary to safeguard the interests of citizens and to ensure them of justice in the event of any harm or fraud they are subjected to. So, it is essential for us to be aware of at least some simple laws that deal with situations we might encounter in our daily lives. One such legislation is the lemon law. The lemon law is one which protects the rights of consumers, particularly in the automobile industry. According to this, manufacturers or sellers are required to “repair, replace or refund the price of motor vehicles that prove to be defective”.

Most personal vehicles are covered by the lemon law in most of the states. Prior to the lemon law the manufacturer could have his way and ask the customer to get the car fixed at a price and take his own time getting it done. Lemon law is so called because a lemon was the term used to label a car which seemed to have problems irrespective of the number of times it was repaired. Despite the existence of the law, it is often difficult for a consumer to return the “lemon” to the manufacturer in exchange for a good car.

It is very important for you, the consumer, to ascertain that you are indeed covered by the lemon law when purchasing an automobile. This is also applicable to used cars with unexpired manufacturer’s warranty and the “certified” cars bought from manufacturers or dealers. Be sure to file away all the documents pertaining to vehicle repairs and confirm that all information recorded on these is accurate. Things to be noted include the date you brought in the car for repair and the date you received it back and a description of the complaint in your words.

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