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If you run a mail order service or receive orders over the phone you will need a manual merchant account to process credit card payments.


Legal Credit Repair

A person requires a credit repair only when their credit is bad. This usually means that you have defaulted on a loan or a credit card payment. This will in turn lead financial agencies to consider you a risk and fetch you higher interest rates on loans or credit. Sometimes the bad credit might be due to a mistake and then you are justified in disputing it. There are various agencies that offer their services to help in legal credit repair. But according to the FTC, self-help is always best. The first step to do when checking up on your credit is requesting a copy of your annual credit report.

Three agencies offer this free of cost to consumers. If you find any discrepancy in your report then the first step in your legal credit repair would be to contact both the consumer reporting company and the information provider. When filing the dispute, make sure you include copies of relevant documents and your contact information. Consumer reporting companies must investigate the matter and give you the results in writing. They must also include a free credit report if the matter results in any change. You also have the right to get the consumer reporting company to send notices of any correction to anyone who received your credit report in the past six months.

When you choose to do your own legal credit repair, the expense to you is almost nothing. Time and effort are the major cost to you. The FTC gives some guidelines if you decide to go for help to one of the agencies offering you legal credit repair services. More often than not, these agencies are unable to keep their promises and you end up paying them huge amounts in fees. Some signs that a company offering legal credit repair is likely to be a scam are when they ask you to pay their fees in advance and when they do not tell you what you can do on your own for free and your legal rights regarding the matter.

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