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Labor Law

Labor law is also known as employment law and is defined as “the body of laws, administrative rulings, and precedents which address the relationship between and among employers, employees, and labor organizations, often dealing with issues of public law.” Labor law also includes the number of work hours and addresses the safety of workers. As with all other laws, labor laws are also both federal and state. There can even be statutes relating this at the city and county level. Labor law was formulated to equalize the bargaining power between employers and employees.

Labor law also grants employees the right to unionize and indulge in certain activities including strikes and pickets in order to get their demands fulfilled. Labor law comes into effect at the very beginning of the employer-employee relationship. It encompasses the hiring process, job duties, wages, promotions and benefits and the like. Most organizations have an employee manual that spells out the rights of employees, complaint and disciplinary procedures, code of conduct, as well as resignation and termination policies. Businesses are also required to display certain specified posters regarding labor laws at their establishments.

Federal labor law has different Acts that protect the rights of individuals with regard to work and pay. One prohibits any kind of discrimination in employment practices. Another stipulates safety and health conditions that are mandatory at the work place. An employee is protected from wrongful termination under the labor law. In a similar manner the employer’s rights are also protected with provisions such as non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality contracts. There are also provisions for safeguarding the rights of temporary, part-time and contract employees. Employees hurt or affected by accidents at the workplace, compensatory leave and insurance are some of the other things that come under the purview of this law. No new major labor laws have been passed over the past several decades.

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