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Divorce Law

Divorce law comes under the purview of family law. As per this, there are two types of divorce - absolute and limited. Under absolute divorce judicial termination of a marriage takes place “based on marital misconduct or other statutory cause arising after the marriage ceremony.” Both individuals in the marriage get their single status back. Limited divorces are dependent on the different states. Usually this involves a separation but the marriage is not dissolved and the status of both parties remains the same. All the states of the United States have their own set of divorce law.

Annulment is also part of divorce law, but here once the marriage is dissolved it ceases to have ever existed. Grounds for annulment include misrepresentation or fraud, concealment, misunderstanding, refusal or inability to consummate the marriage. Practicing divorce law has become very lucrative for lawyers these days with more and more couples choosing this path. But under the provisions of divorce law it is also possible for an individual to represent himself or herself in court. This may be due to financial restrictions or just a matter of choice. A divorce also involves various other aspects such as child custody, payment of child support and alimony. These are all covered under divorce law.

Under divorce law, counseling is also recommended but this is optional and figures indicate that very few people if any choose this. Resources on divorce law are available online and there are plenty of non-profit agencies offering their services in case reconciliation is possible. If not, they can also help you find a suitable and well-qualified lawyer and also help arrange financing if you are unable to do so yourself. A divorce can be a painful experience for all the parties involved and counseling is available to help you cope after the divorce is through. There are special facilities available for children since this can be particularly painful for them.

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